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I am moving my fridge to a new location in the kitchen where the outlet is ungrounded. Does the fridge need a grounded outlet? Thanks.
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The NEC looks at this as an existing receptacle. If you make no changes in that receptacle and it is a two prong receptacle then it does not have to be changed. If you change this receptacle to a three prong receptacle to be compatible with the three prong plug of the refrigerator, you have three choices. Install a GFI receptacle three prong with no bare wire in the circuit or install a three prong receptacle and run a green grounding wire from that receptacle back to the grounding bar of the main panel. Install a new branch circuit from the panel using a black, white, and bare wire from that panel to the new receptacle using a three prong receptacle.

The GFI idea is not in my opinion a good choice. If the GFI kicks off you may loose all food due to spoilage in that fridge.

Good Luck

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This is one case where you can't use a GFCI in place of a grounded outlet. If you are installing a new outlet it must be a grounded outlet. This is because 250-114(3)(a) always requires a grounded outlet for residential refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. While 210-7(d)(3) gives permission to replace a non-grounded outlet with a GFCI protected outlet, nothing in 210-7(d) modifies the requirement for a grounded outlet that is in 250-114(3)(a).
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do NOT put a fridge on an ungrounded recep. got a call from a friend who had just purchased a condo. he said that on occasion, he would get shocked when touching the stainless steel sink and the fridge handle. after some troubleshooting, i found that the previous owner had cut the ground prong off because the compressor had a short; fridge worked fine as long as it wasn't grounded, and gave no indication there was a problem. could have been a deadly situation.

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