Help with fan/light combo wiring (Junction Box)


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Help with fan/light combo wiring (Junction Box)

I'm replacing a light fixture with a fan/light combo. I replaced the box with a fan-rated junction box, but now I couldn't get it working when wiring it up how I thought it was wired up before.

I ended up wiring it back up in a way that got it working, but I'm not an electrician and I would love some help determining if the wiring setup is ok. I have a diagram showing most of what I know so far (ground wires omitted). A single breaker switch controls power to this room (main ceiling fixture + closet) and the closet light for an adjacent room. I believe power comes in at the main room switch, and is then routed to the main light fixture, and then the additional fixtures which each have their own switches.

Ok now for the details I hope are relevant: A 14-3 cable runs from the switch to the junction box above the fan. After this fixture, power is carried to the closet light (and then the adjacent room's closet light) by 14-2 cables. So the box I'm dealing with when replacing the light with a fan/light combo has both 14-3 and 14-2 in it. The dotted lines in the diagram show how I wired the fan/light combo. This was the only combination I was able to get working that also let the closet lights continue to function properly with their switches.

If I need to give more details I can, but I'm hoping someone can glance at this and give me an idea of whether or not I'm headed towards a house fire. Thanks!

(Closet light switches are omitted and wiring for those lights is a question mark, as I haven't looked at them directly yet.)

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forums.

You can look at the switch to see which wire is switched. Typically I switch the red wire and the black remains always live. If the switch is controlling your fan...... you have wired everything correctly.
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Thanks Pete! Looks like I'm good to go then.

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