Help with A/C wiring issue. 240 to 208/230


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Help with A/C wiring issue. 240 to 208/230

Hello all, needs some help here. I am installing a mini split mrcool DIY-24-HP-230AE. It says it runs on a 208v/230v line. I am in a motor home and my old is a 240. They question is can i use the 240 or do i have to use a MT-BBT-240V-208V-26.6A. Some people say its fine to use 240 and others say nope needs to be 208. Mrcool does not specify 3 phase just 208/230. Any help and if i need transformer did i pick the right one. Thanks for any to the model i bought. Just waiting delivery
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Can we assume you have a 120/240v single phase service ?

I don't see any mention of 208v in the specs. They don't have much technical info online but you can call them directly..... tech support at 270-366-0457.

I'd have to think if it says 230v it would be fine on 240v as there is no 230v in this country.

From their specs.....
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You should be able to use 240V. 10V is not much of difference for motors.
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"230" is the standard motor rating. It allows +/- 10% so 240v is fine. If you look at most A/C systems they give ratings for 230v and get installed everywhere in North America using 240vac without issue.
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Yes i have single phase. Where i got the 208v was from home depots web site. They show 208-230. Required
Voltage (v)
Voltage (volts)
thanks for all the answers, feeling a little better that i did not make a huge mistake .
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Over the years voltage has changed. Was 110/220V then 115/230 now 120/240V. A lot of documentation still calls for 115/230V simply because the documentation has not kept up with what standard voltages are today. I can read the voltage at my main panel and get 124/248V.
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A single phase appliance or piece of equipment rated for 208/230 volts can be fed with either a 208 volt supply (which is usually or usually from a 3 phase 120/208 volt service) or a 240 volt supply (which is from the typical household service). There are two terminals or leads not counting the ground and they are connected to the two hot conductors in the branch circuit or feed.

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