Hair Dryer wonít work in bathroom plug


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Hair Dryer wonít work in bathroom plug

Iím in need of some help, my wife was using her hair dryer in our bathroom when it tripped the breaker. I reset the breaker and told her she was good to go but when she plugged her dryer into that outlet it didn't work. I tried a night light and my electric razor, both worked. So I tried the hair dryer back in the outlet and it didnít work, I then tried other plugs and the hair dryer worked fine so I went back to the outlet that tripped and it wouldnít work. Does anyone know what the problem is?
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Plug in the night light and then try the hair dryer. Does the light go out?
YES. loose connection somewhere.
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If the outlet in the bathroom is GFCI protected, this would indicate the hair dryer wiring is defective and should be repaired/discarded.
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Does the hair dryer have a gfci on its cord? Mine does
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I then tried other plugs and the hair dryer worked fine
The blow dryer appears to be working in other locations.
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Bad cord maybe? Try wiggling it around when it's working to see if it cuts out?
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Hi, blow dryer could work in other locations if the outlets arenít GFCI protected, is the circuit GFCI protected?
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If you READ the original post you will find that the outlet in question still works and the hair dryer works in other outlets, but according to the op it does not work in the problem outlet... while other items do.
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What joed said in the first reply should be done. Assuming it's the usual duplex receptacle in the bathroom, plug the nightlight into one receptacle and then plug the blow dryer in the other. If turning the blow dryer on causes the night light to go off then there is a connection but it's a poor connection. The connection might be good enough for the nightlight or electric razor, both of which draw very little current, but not for the blow dryer which draws much more current.
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Still waiting for the results the test I requested. Night light are very low current draw. A bad connection may not manifest with low current.
Try the night light and the blow dryer together.
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Appears the OP was just another "One Hit Wonder".
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Smile Hair Dryer defective

So i tried plugging multiple things into the socket over the weekend and all worked, eventually I even got the hair dryer to work. I opened the plug and all wire connections were OK.

As someone said when the breaker tripped day one it was because the dryer cord had gone bad. Eventually i noticed as I moved the retractable cord in and out some the dryer would kick on and off.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help

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