Breaker didnít trip- no power in the living room.


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Breaker didnít trip- no power in the living room.

Hi, Iíve been having electrical issues since Memorial Day weekend. Electricians came and found that several rooms including the living room and dishwasher were all on one circuit. They split the the circuits into 3. Everything was fine for the last 3 days. Now all of a sudden my living room outlets arenít working. I was watching tv and it just went off. I have a heavy duty power strip which connects the tv, Xbox, internet modem, cable box, and home phone. The breaker didnít trip and I made sure to check. I even turned it off and then all the way back on. I have warranty for a year so Iím definitely calling the electricians back in, but I just wanted some insight before I call tomorrow morning. I went ahead and turned off the breaker as I know nothing about electric and feel nervous leaving it on lol. Any insight will be appreciated.
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Sounds like a loose connection. If you have a multimeter check hot to ground at each receptacle. If the receptacles are backstabbed wires need to be moved to the screws.
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