Add Outlet to Switch


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Add Outlet to Switch


I've not had a problem doing this in the past, but have run into a strange wiring situation.Iím trying to wire an outlet off of an existing switch in my basement utility room. The switch currently turns on 3 different lights and only has a single wire coming to it (white on top, black on bottom, and grounded to the box. Power is coming to the switch from the white wire. How would I connect a new wire to this switch wiring for an outlet?

The wire coming to the switch goes to one of the lights with a mess of wiring in it's junction box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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only has a single wire coming to it
No, a single 2-conductor cable.
How would I connect a new wire to this switch wiring for an outlet
You can't. You have no neutral, just two hots.
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Possible confusion

If one doesn't understand completely when looking at a box that has a light switch with a white and black in it one might think I have a neutral there. the white wire in the box at the switch is not a neutral. that is how most electricians identify a power wire coming down from a junction box to the switch. if you trace that back to a junction box that white wire will be tied to probably a few black ones which one ultimately comes from power panel and the others feed power to other areas in the house. I have seen way too many times people trying to add Outlets to a light switch thinking I have a power and I have a neutral I have a black and a white and they don't understand why it does not work well I just explain that reason please do not get electrocuted turn power off when working with electricity
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Hi, you will need to replace the 2 wire cable with a 3 wire from the light fixture.

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