SPARKSwhile replacing gfci


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Smile SPARKSwhile replacing gfci

Hello evenryone! I encountered some issue during gfci installation and appreciate any input from you. Thank you very much!
I bought 30 or 40 gfci and afci and the ones both with gfci and afci to rewire the whole house. I have an experienced electrician who replaced everything for me. But during the process, we had one issue and I want to figure out why.
So. We changed one normal outlet to gfci. The outlet was working normally before we do anything. We tested it and it says "correct wiring". After the electrician connect "ground", "line neutral", "load neutral", and "load hot", everything seems fine. However, when he put on the "line hot", there were sparks at the outlet as soon as "line hot" touches the brass (he did not shut the power down in the main panel while he was doing the work). He end up put both line and load hot wire into the line hot slots. The two neutrals in each white slot. That worked and GFCI can reset and test. But I'm very concerned and wondered why it happened. Any answer for this issue? I would really appreciate the help in figuring out why.
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Did the panel breaker feeding the GFCI outlet or the GFCI outlet trip when the sparks occurred? Your electrician is not very safety conscious unless there were extenuating circumstances that outweighed opening the panel breaker.
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You say GFCI and AFCI but what? Are they outlets or circuit breakers? Adding them as breakers makes more sense but you wouldn't need 30 or 40 of them.

I can't believe your "electrician" is changing every outlet in the house to it's own individual GFCI. Technically it can be done but I have never heard or seen anyone ever do it. That is a very expensive way to add GFCI protection.

Another red flag is that this person did not turn off the power to install the outlets. So, I suspect that what they "say" they were doing might not be what actually happened. But, if they were working on a live circuit and there are devices downstream trying to draw a good bit of current there could be a spark when making the connection... another reason why it's a good idea to turn the power off before attempting work like that.
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Thanks for all the reply. I really appreciate that. I called someone else today to have it checked again. I think it is the problem with the fact he did not turn things off and something draw power downstream.
We are doing one gfci/afci per circuit, gfci for everything outdoor/near the pool, and gfci for every sink in the bathroom. The house has a lot of outlets/bathrooms/places near pool, thus the 30/40 total gfcis.

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