Please help H bright - motor controller


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Please help H bright - motor controller

Hello everyone, I am newbie , I have problem with my circuits. i try to make H bright to control motor. I using arduino uno to control PWM signal. this is problem

i write code for arduino , i make pwm signal and use low pass filter to make it to Sin wave . Problem is : when i use controller of mosfet ,it makes delay in my signal , i know mosfet and controllers make delay but according to data sheet of TC 4223 my signal cant be delay that much , i dont know why , my Sin Wave signal is only 200hz at max speed . And voltage drop is alot.
i used only 5Mhz in arduino and PWM from arduino is *19.531 hz 8bit timer.
this is a circuits when i added controller.

I am not an electrical engineering student , Could you please explain my problem in simple ways ( all i learned from youtube and MIT) . Please help .
Thank you so much

Ps: sorry about my bad English.
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I assume you're talking about an H-bridge of 4 mosfets.
When you say delay do you mean the frequency or period of the signal? With a delay you just have to wait longer for the same signal to appear.
What is a TC4223?
After the PWM waveform is averaged by the low pass filter, the peaks of the AC signal output will be significantly less than the DC input voltage to the H-bridge. This is due to the gaps in the PWM waveform when none of the FETS are turned on, and also the high percentage of the signal that is harmonics instead of the desired fundamental frequency output.
I suggest you ask your questions about the limitations and constraints of using Arduino for this PWM application on a blog specifically targeted for the Arduino platform. They would likely be able to give you more specific details and experience in this area.
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Thank you so much to replay, I find other H bridge , which is much better than which one i draw , Could i change mosfet in this picture to my mosfet IRF3205,

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