Getting UPS Power from One Room to Another


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Getting UPS Power from One Room to Another

Id like to run power from a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in ROOM A to where a work computer is used in ROOM B. I was thinking of installing an outlet box in ROOM A near where the UPS is plugged in, then run wire under the house to another outlet in the other room. That way I could just plug the UPS power out into the receptacle in ROOM A and the computer into the outlet in ROOM B on the other side of the house. Of course this line would not be connected to a circuit breaker, only from outlet to outlet.

Would there be any problems with this from a code perspective?
Would it require traditional wiring and hardware (e.g. Romex, outlet boxes) to accomplish it?
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I wouldn't be drilling holes or running wires for something like that. Just get a second UPS. That way you avoid any code issues and it's a much better solution.
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You don't want an"outlet" in room A. You want an inlet. With an outlet you would need a cord with two male ends to plug into the UPS. With an inlet you use a cord with a male and female end.

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Perfectly okay to install an isolated section of wiring with one male receptacle and one or more (female) receptacles.

Must be done to code as if the wiring were part of a service panel fed branch circuit. Among other things, witing inside walls has to have certain fire resistant ratings, which Romex cables have.

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