Wiring help


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Wiring help

I removed 2 enclosed box light switches, mobile home, to install updated ones, The switches are for 2 seperate lights. I cannot figure out how to hook wires back up since it keeps flipping breaker. There are 2 separate wires coming from below, 2 separate wires going up, to lights I guess, and 1 wire going switch to switch. Not sure which is source from below or if both are source. They had both wires coming from below to first switch, 1 wire going switch to switch and 2 wires coming from second switch going up. Don't want to tear down sheetrock if I don't have to.
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You need to check each cable with a multimeter to find which is live.
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If it worked before there would be absolutely no need to "tear down sheetrock."
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Maybe some pictures may help us understand this better?

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