3 way switches?


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Question 3 way switches?

When I enter this room there are 2, 3 way light switches by the door, and on the other side there is one switch. The 3 ways run 2, 3 bulb, 4 ft flourescent fixtures. The one 3 way turns on/off 1 bulb in each fixture, the other 3 way turns on/off 2 bulbs in each fixture. The switch across the room turns on/off the 2 fixtures.

Is the switch across the room a double pole?
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It seems to be a three-way switch.
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But it's got 4 screws on it and there are 4 wires connected. I'm confused??
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A bit hard to follow your description.

If there are 4 wires (excluding ground), it could be 4 way or it could be double pole.
Double pole switches are rarely used in residential setup.

You have 2 fluorescent light fixtures with 3 tubes. One of the 3 way switch controls only 1 tube of each fixtures and the other controls 2 tubes of each fixtures. A switch across the room controls all fixtures.

Am I understanding correctly?

I'm not so sure how it would be wired such a way. Having 2 pole switch will allow you to turn off both, but wouldn't work with 3 way setup.
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Yes. That is correct. It's in a commercial building. A doctors office. I think it's a double pole??
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It could be a double pole or a 4 way. You can pull it out and look, double pole are typically marked.

I am leaning towards a double pole with the two lights being slaved to the 3 ways.
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I believe if it is a double pole switch it would have "On" and "Off" imprinted on the switch itself. If it is a 4 way it will not have the imprint as the 4 way could be on or off up or down depending on the other switches in the wiring setup.
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