Outer covering on large conductors?


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Outer covering on large conductors?

Do larger guage wire have a protective outer layer over the insulation like you see on regular thhn/thwn wire? (im refering to the clear (thermoplastic?) outer layer that gets nicked up when you pull wire).

I have service entrance conductors that look split. 3 individual conductors not a cable, I assume 8awg or 6awg. They are only a few years old. I dont see bare copper though under the split and it looks an outer later is curling in the sun or was split/nicked when pulling.

unfortunately my photo is poor.
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Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. The conductors the power company use tend to not have a nylon sheath, but the polyethylene insulation is quite thick and durable. If the electrician who installed your service used THHN there will be a nylon sheath, but if they used XHHW or USE there likely won't be. From what I can see in the pictures, your service drop and drip loops look normal and are in OK condition.
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Thanks, Im pretty sure its THHN, i doubt they used anything above and beyond the minimum required.
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That is just the nylon coating on the conductors splitting. It is not an issue.
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