Perplexed yet another breaker box question


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Perplexed yet another breaker box question

Have a older Cutler Hammer/Eaton main panel breaker box think it is 200 amp rated. My household lights started flickering on one indoor circuit and the 240v circuit to the dryer was not working. Neither the indoor 20 amp nor the 30 amp double breaker had tripped. Decided fo just the grins to replace both breakers. After installing both was having the same problem. In checking current from the breakers found was getting only 8 volts out of the connected breakers. Checked the terminals on the ground, neutral and positive to make sure the were tight and did a continuity check on all busses, all ok. Also checked the voltage from the meter to the box and it was ok as well. In replacing the breakers the same 8 volts output occurred. Again checked for any resistances in the buses and found none. Am perplexed why the voltage drop is occuring. Any help out there? Getting bald from scratching my head.
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It might be a problem with one of the incoming hot legs of your service. Check voltages to ground on the incoming terminals of the main breaker. The reading should be about 120V from each hot terminal to ground. If these are OK, then it's good evidence the main breaker has failed. If these voltages are abnormal, then call your power company emergency repair line and have them troubleshoot the line. The problem is likely at the transformer, service drop cable or meter.
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Check across the terminals for 240 volts also. It is possible to measure 120 on each leg even when one is bad. It gets back fed through a 240 volt device.
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My Thanks!

You are correct, it was one of the hot legs. I appreciate your advise.

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