Long run for RV service, wiring questions


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Long run for RV service, wiring questions

I am in TX. Looking to get service for RVs.

Power is coming from 200-amp service. There's a pole, a meter, and a big disconnect box outside.


From the disconnect box, two hots and a neutral run underground to the house.

I want service approximately 230' away. 3 x #4 copper & 1 x #8 copper, underground in conduit. At the service point there's a meter,


then a 100-amp panel


Anyway, the 3 copper wires will go on new lugs at the disconnect box. Wondering about the ground, though. As you can see in the 1st pic, there's a bare wire that runs from the neutral bar (?), out the box, and then it splits. One part runs down to the ground (I don't know to what, probably a ground rod as I don't think there's metal plumbing there. The other part of the wire runs up the pole to this:


How would you ground at the RV panel?

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Welcome to the forums.

Usually in a set up like that...... the disconnect panel is the main panel and should be connected to a ground rod. The panel in the house would be considered a sub panel and require four wires. Two hots, a neutral and a ground.
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Thanks, PJmax. There's a green ground wire running into the new meter, then it continues into the new RV panel. Should it go to the ground bar there? Being a subpanel, no ground rod needed?

Also, at the disconnect, should the green wire go into the neutral mechanical lug?
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At the disconnect box, secure the green wire to the existing neutral/ground?

The sub-meter base has a bonded neutral/ground. How should I separate those?

At the sub-panel, just pop the green wire into the ground bus? No ground rod needed?

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