Kitchen circuit


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Kitchen circuit

Hi. I'm in the Phoenix AZ area, in a home inspection period. From my inspector's report: "It appears that the dishwasher/disposal is not on a dedicated electrical circuit which is currently a requirement." On the electrical panel, there is one breaker labeled "ISLAND GFCI".. On the island, there are three outer outlets and at least one underneath. They are all labeled GFCI. I assume they are all on this one 20amp breaker, which is what the dishwasher/disposal are on, along with the other outlets (I'm pretty sure anyway). Is that okay per code? Thank you
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To clarify some... Per the inspector (I haven't verified this), the dishwasher, disposal, and at least four outlets (all part of the island) are all on one circuit. He is saying that does not meet requirements, but he was wrong about another code issue I found out. So if they are all on one circuit, is that okay?
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The dishwasher and disposal should not be on the same circuit as the small appliance countertop circuits.

They might be able to share a circuit between the disposal and DW.
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The home inspector is confusing the issue. When was the house built? Was it wired correctly THEN? Trying to enforce new codes on old systems is the mark of an uninformed person who is trying to be a professional and failing. If it wiring is improper under the constructed code THEN you have a issue. I have every NEC code book from current to 1975. Also what is the county, city or authority having jurisdiction say is the current code? Not all areas adopt the most recent code. Also check for addendums in the enforced code.
Typically the NEC for a long time has stated that there needs to be 2 circuits for plugs and all fixed equipment needs its own circuit. Dishwasher and disposal were exempted by City of Phoenix for decades COP allowed them to be on the same circuit.

Long ago I worked for a contractor that pulled one 20 amp circuit to the island in Scottsdale. When I had to troubleshoot one I resigned because he would not do it correctly.
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Thanks. It is a custom new home build in Peoria, AZ. The home inspector could be wrong, or it could be wired improperly. I'm not sure. I know there was for certain one issue with the wiring that the city inspector did not catch - a 20amp breaker with 14 gauge wire; the home inspector caught that issue.
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Hi, I would shut off the breaker for the DW/GD and see what else goes off, there should be 2 20 Amp circuits in the kitchen, you do not have to bring stuff up to current code.
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you do not have to bring stuff up to current code.
You do if "It is a custom new home build in Peoria, AZ. "
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A single 20A line to the island is normal.
The dishwasher and disposer sharing a circuit with any kitchen receptacles as not been code accepted in quite a while. A dishwasher and disposer one it's own circuit is code accepted but many inspectors are not fond of it.

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