Sub panel in garage


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Sub panel in garage

I'm putting a 100 amp sub panel in my garage. I like it to look clean so I'd like to put the panel between the studs in my garage. I bought one of those kwik clamp Square D panels. Other than blocking all the knock outs on the sides of the panel is there any other disadvantages to mouting the panel between the studs vs mounting it to a piece of plywood.

Second question, here is a pic of a label inside my panel. If I understand this correctly, the largest feed wire I can use is #3, correct? Since it about a 110' run to my house main panel I was planning on running #1 awg to the sub panel. Does this label mean that I can't feed this panel with #1 awg wire? Thanks
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Most panels are installed between studs in the US with the cables entering the top of the panel. (Canada is different on this)

According to the label, it does look like #3 is the max size copper wire you can terminate to the lug which is odd since it also says you can terminate a #1 aluminum. Normally the wire range is the same regardless of the wire material. Is there any numbers on the lugs themselves?

For 100 amps you can use #2 copper or #1/0 aluminum if you use a cable, or #3 copper and #1 aluminum if you are using conduit and individual wires.
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Thanks for the reply Tolyn Ironhand. Since its a ~ 110' run from the main panel I was going to bump up the wire size to #1 ( thru 2" PVCn conduit) to avoid a big voltage drop. Maybe I worry too much.

There are no markings regarding wire size on the lugs. I agree with you regarding the
difference from Cu to Al wire. Then again this isn't what I do everyday.
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SER is cable, and #1 is good for 100A @ 75C if not buried in insulation.

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