device to read smart electric meter?


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device to read smart electric meter?


Have a PSE smart Cellnet Focus kWh electrical meter but...

The daily kWh reads often fails on the PSE web page
the meter is set with a multiplier of 80

both of which makes managing power very difficult.

Is there a device or an app that would permit me to get the daily reads from the meter?


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Hi Loren, I did a little reading but no help. I suspect that since the info you want is supposed to be available online that no one is going to produce the software and electronics to read it. But I'll watch as others here are far more familiar with this than I.

But, if i can ask, what are your concerns? I have done some work with home owners who feel they are being over charged and some have, most haven't. But in most cases monitoring the meter was of little help.

Just asking.

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Smart meters broadcast their readings periodically over radio, so they are receivable. As of today, I don't believe most are encrypted in any way, which raises privacy and potentially concerns... but that's another topic. But it does mean that, in theory, you can receive the same communications and see the data.

I've read about others doing it with an RTL-SDR. It's basically a cheap software defined radio that you can tune into a specific frequency and decode the data. I'm not going to post the link, as I'm not entirely sure of the legality of it (intercepting power company radio data)... but I'm sure you can find it if you google.
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