Using old wire to pull new....pull up or down?


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Using old wire to pull new....pull up or down?


I'm installing a ceiling fan/light in a bedroom that has no ceiling box/wiring. There is a valance light over the door. I have created all the access to the ceiling but now am not certain if I should pull the new 14/3 wire up from the switch box using the old 14/2 wire or would it be better to get the new 14/3 wire to the hold where the light was and then pull the new wire down to the switch box with the old 14/2? Or does it matter? Maybe I'm over thinking this? What's the best way to connect the new wire to the old when pulling it?

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If the existing cable was installed correctly using staples, you will not be able to pull it out. You will probably need to make a small handhole in the drywall up near the door header to make the corner or feed up into the attic/joist space.
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I try to pull down. Put my weight into it and hope to pop the staples. More fun than going to the gym.
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I hope you have an attic

It's either stapled, or if you're lucky some yahoo like me did a crap job and it's not. YOU SHOULDNT PULL, BUT IF YOU DO, ALWAYS PULL FROM (and toward) supply side. If you pull from the load/fixture and god forbid it breaks, now you've got to try and remove it from the supply side or you have caps taking up space in your box (inspectors HATE THIS and can really give you a hard time) or worst case scenario, a live uninsulated snapped wire in the wall.
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Honestly, if it doesn't have a TON of play, don't bother. If it's stapled, you'll never get it through. The bulge of the connection between the old and new is the fattest part. It will get hung up on a staple and come apart almost no matter wat you do, even if you pop the staples. And if you're like me and can't abandon a plan when you were "so close" you're better off not trying it.

If you can access part from an attic you may be able to pull a straight vertical and then a straight horizontal, but you'll never turn a corner if it's stapled IME.
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Hi, if that switch controls that light over the door, forget trying to pull that cable out, that switch appears to have a feed there, where are the openings you created? Ideally it should be directly above the switch, fish down to the switch then over to the FAN RATED box, what is on the back side of that wall?

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