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Add Light fixture on 14/2 to end of 12/2 receptacle circuit?

Add Light fixture on 14/2 to end of 12/2 receptacle circuit?


Old 07-20-19, 09:24 AM
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Add Light fixture on 14/2 to end of 12/2 receptacle circuit?

I am planning to add an outdoor flood light fixture from a garage receptacle, inspired by this article:

In my setup the light fixture would become the end of the circuit, since it will be added off of a GFCI garage receptacle that is currently at the end of what is otherwise a 20 amp receptacle circuit with all 12/2 wire. Also, Iím planning to ďbypassĒ the GFCI function with a pigtail, connecting the light fixture wire to the line (as opposed to connecting to the load terminals of the GFCI) - so that the light doesnít go out if the GFCI trips. Iím also planning to put a switch inline. It will go through EMT conduit in the garage.

From reading throughout this forum I understand not to run a 14/2 wire at all on a 20-amp circuit... but this article (from a seemingly reputable source) clearly states to use 14/2 from a receptacle with no mention of the circuit breaker amperage. Is it ok to run 14/2 in my setup as described given itís last on the circuit? If I run 12/2 (which is fine), does it matter that the wires inside the fixture are not 12/2?
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Old 07-20-19, 09:33 AM
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14/2 is NOT permitted on a 20 amp circuit. You must use 12/2 for this new light.
Old 07-20-19, 09:34 AM
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Welcome to the forums.

You need to use the size of wire that matches the protection device. In your case you have a #12 receptacle circuit on a 20A breaker. That means you must use #12 wiring. The fixture wiring is UL rated and is intended to be enclosed within the fixture or junction box.

Connecting the light to the line side of the GFI receptacle is ok.
Old 07-20-19, 09:37 AM
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The fixture wires are okay being smaller than #12.
Old 07-20-19, 01:50 PM
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thanks all for quick advice - 12 it is then

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