Can a light bulb burn out event trip circuit breaker?


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Can a light bulb burn out event trip circuit breaker?

I turned off my ceiling fan and heard a light bulb burn out noise. Afterward, I found a tripped circuit breaker. After I disconnected the light kit, I was able to reset the breaker but not before. The breaker kept tripping and would not stay on indicating there was a short somewhere when the light kit was connected to the fan. I assumed something to do with the light kit. Two of the 3 light bulbs made a noise like a loose part inside. Could a burn out light bulb cause the breaker to trip? I could not find any signs of burn or bad wiring inside the light kit. Should I connect the light kit and replace the bulbs to see if the burn out light bulbs were the problem?

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It doesn't happen often, but it is possible for the light bulb fail in short condition. This happens often with a lower quality bulbs.

Support wires inside of the bulb could have over heated and welded itself to the other pole causing a short.
There could have been a loose solder or wire in the lamp thread area and that could been what shorted after a while.
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Yes it is possible for a n incandescent bulb to become short circuited as others have indicated. A short in the bulb socket is rare. After removing the 3 bulbs, plug in the light kit and apply power to the kit. Insert bulbs one at a time. If the bulb doesn't light, its a bad bulb or a bad socket. Try the suspect bulb in a working socket. If the bulb lights, it's a bad socket. Replace socket or light kit.
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Have you ever seen an incandescent bulb make a bright flash when it burned out?
Most screw base incandescent light bulbs have a fuse inside. When the filament burns out it can cause a plasma arc that has much lower resistance than the filament did. This causes a huge increase in the power flowing through the bulb. To prevent this most bulbs have a fuse built into them that burns out and shuts off the flow of current. But for a brief period the current flow goes through the roof and might trip a circuit breaker. It's rare but it could happen.


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