Internet modem problems.


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Internet modem problems.

Internet/phone drops out. Most noticeably when it rains or when it gets cooler around night time. Cable company said there is electric showing on the coax from the modem. Electricians aren't seeing anything. When it does go out I can run an extention cord to my vehicle with an outlet and no problems. Anyone have a clue what might be my problem?
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Welcome to the forum.
Our town has a similar issue where the internet gets slow to non-existing during wet weather.
Here it is the near death copper infrastructure. The switch stations (generally a box along side the road or in someone's front yard) has so much moisture in them that it causes issues. Sadly the only way to fix this is switch to the much more expensive fiber.

For your issue, I'd have the cable company tech confirm that the box where the cable from the street attaches to the house is properly grounded. Also ask if they can move you to another port in the switch station to see if that helps
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Does the coax get warm? If so, need to call an electrician immediately if you don't want your house to burn down (I know you said you did that already).

Keep in mind that you are electrically connected to your neighbors via the coax, so an electrical problem (if that's what it is) could be in your house OR a neighbor's house.

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No the coax doesn't get hot. The cable tech said something about a floating neutral. Both electricians said I would have more problems than my internet if that were the case. I think I will see if anyone else if having a problem around me.
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A device like this:

placed where the coax enters your house would isolate you ("galvanic isolation") from your neighbors.

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Where the cable comes into the house, is there a grounding block (nowadays in a gray box) that has a ground wire connected to either a copper water pipe or your electrical grounding system? I've seen a handful of the ground blocks installed with the wire just sort of wrapped around a painted outdoor faucet... definitely not a good bond/ground.

Next to check is if it's well connected to a plumbing pipe, confirm that there are no breaks in that pipe (a plastic pipe used for repair at some point), and that there's a ground wire from your electrical system connected to the plumbing piping, most likely near the meter.

These are 'easy fixes' and should be in any house and in most cases would limit or eliminate voltage differentials between the cable and electrical systems.
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