Attaching a metal gangbox to a concrete wall


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Attaching a metal gangbox to a concrete wall

After a storm surge flooded my basement, I had electricians rewire it. Near a sump, they installed a 1 gang box for a pump.

Some time later, a crew installed ducts for an AC system; the air handler and the ductwork semi-hid the outlet in a sort of cul de sac.

As a result, it was some time before I realized that the gangbox wasn't actually attached to the wall; it just hung from the wire/conduit.

The people who put the ducts in might have removed the strap that held the metal conduit in place--it looks like there are screw holes where it used to be, though WHY they'd have removed it, I have no idea. But I cannot see a trace of how the electrical box had been attached, so I can only assume the electricians overlooked that.

So, what should I do? De-power the outlet, remove the top, and mark where the holes on the back are and put in two tapcons? (autocorrect insists on making that "falcons" Use construction adhesive to put a block of wood back there and attach the box to the wood? Something else?

I do have a drill-driver, though I don't have a masonry bit of the right size. I'd like to avoid drilling into the wall if I could--I've dealt with leaks so many times over the years that I have a sort of mental block against making more holes. Is there some sort of mounting strap that would work?


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You will need to rent a hammer drill to make a hole in concrete for a tapcon. If the holes in the metal electrical box are diagonal, use two tapcons (else 1) with diameter of 1/4 or less and 1 inch long, Don't drill holes close to one another as the concrete may crack between holes. Use a ratchet to install tapcon (need hex heads) because you have to push and turn at the same time. Another method of fastening to concrete is using concrete nails installed with a concrete nail gun. I have no experience using this method.

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Drill a couple of holes and use either Tapcon or plastic anchors, you certainly will not create a leak.
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You also need to attach the conduit to the box using the proper connector. (EMT or PVC)

So, what should I do?
Get your "electricians" back to properly finish the job.
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Could that conduit be just used to sleeve NM cable?
In that case, conduit doesn't need to be connected to the box given that the NM cable is properly attached with a strain relief.
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If it is EMT it is required to be bonded to the equipment ground. This is normally done by attaching it to the box using a connector to the box and bonding the box.
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Looks like a PVC sleeve to me.

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