Spring popped out on GFCI reset

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Spring popped out on GFCI reset

The reset button on a GFCI I have appears to have either broken or the tab or whatever locks the reset button back in place won't hold.
As such, I can't reset my GFCI.
Is there a way to fix the reset button specifically or do I have to replace the receptacle?
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Replace the GFCI receptacle.
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On many GFCI outlets, power is required to the outlet to reset.
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As beelzebob noted, be sure there is power going to the GFCI receptacle. If no power is present the GFCI will not reset.

Did you remove the GFCI to do something and then try to reinstall it? The power in must be connected to the "line" side of the GFCI. Test for power. If this GFCI is a dedicated receptacle meaning nothing else on it such as a laundry circuit it is possible that the GFCI is fine just has no power and maybe the breaker tripped in the panel.
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On many GFCI outlets, power is required to the outlet to reset.

No, on ALL GFCI receptacles they must have power in order to reset.
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I would not say "all" GFCI devices require power to reset. I have an older Leviton made sometime in the 1980's and it does not require power to reset, however the device does require power to trip with the test button. No power and the test button will trip the device.
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