Wiring to garage and electrical ground?

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I want to put electrical outlets into a garage connected to a 40 year old house. First of all, the only wiring currently in the garage goes to a light socket. This wiring is somehow routed from the porch light because it only works when the porch light is on, therefore I think I need to install a 3-way switch into the porch light so that the electricity in the garage will always be on. Can I just splice the wiring from the light that is already in the garage and then route it to the desired electrical outlets? My second question deals with the ground wire, there isn't one in this old house that I am aware of. All of the current electical outlets only have the 2-prong boxes. Is this going to be a problem when wiring the garage? What do I need to do to add a ground? Thanks for your advice.
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If it was me, I would run new 20 amp circuit(s) to the garage. If the garage light is operated in conjunction with the porch light. Your new outlets would be switched along with the lights. Don't think you want that?
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Or you can just replace the existing outlets with GFCI type of outlets.

The 20Amp circuit, with GFCI protection for the outlets, is a better way to go tho!

rick Miell
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If this is a detached structure and you are concerned about no equipment grounding in that detached structure, and you have no metallic paths of no current carrying products such as water pipes, equipment grounding conductor, then you can just create a new grounding source such as installing a ground rod and install a panel in that garage. Remember if this new grounding source is added then the white and the green or bare must be joined together same as a main service rated panel. This can also be done with a 15 or 20 amp branch circuit serving that detached structure. Just ensure no metallic path other than the hot and grounded [neutral] conductor serving that detached structure exists.

If all you have is on 15 or 20 amp branch circuit is installed you could even use a snap switch instead of a panel of disconnect. Just make sure that snap switch shuts of all hot conductors.

Good Luck


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