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I don't think it would have occurred to me to have even tried this, but the sister of a friend of my husband's has been plugging a dryer into a range receptacle as there is no dryer outlet in the house she's renting. She's been blowing fuses. In an e-mail exchange I've told her that to the best of my knowledge, range circuits are usually rated higher than dryer circuits with larger wiring, larger amp ratings and the appliance shouldn't be pulling enough juice to be blowing fuses I wouldn't think. However I don't know if there would be any other issues involved that I don't know about. Otherwise I told her she may have a short and probably needs to have it checked by an electician. I've asked her about the size of the fuse, but I doubt she knows.

Any other reasons she'd be blowing fuses?
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Your discription alarms me greatly!

A range circuit is usually rated either 50 amps or 60 amps. A dryer circuit is rated 30 amp.

If a dryer is plugged into a range plug and that range circuit is still protected 50 or 60 amp, and if something goes wrong with that dryer you may not have a house to come back to or you may not live through the mistake.

I would say she needs a professional electrician look at this hazardous set up ASAP.

Many things could be causing that 50 or 60 amp rated circuit to be blowing due to a 30 amp rated appliance all not good situations!

Loose connection frying in a plug, panel, or wall.

Wiring causing a mismatch creating a dead short between intended hot conductors and intended frame of the dryer.

Dead short in appliace burnt up due to too much ampacity feeding it.

Mismatch of a three wire set up of an old dryer and a four wire set up of a new circuit.

many more surprises may have caused her experience.


Ask her to get qualified help ASAP for her and her family's safety,

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I was pretty alarmed myself . I immediately called my husband at work and gave him the URL to this thread. He's going to print it out and give it to his co-worker. I suspect that this is probably an older house and there's no telling what is going on behind the walls with the wiring. In this area adding a circuit and outlet for a dryer (depending on the run) shouldn't run more than $150-200. The money is not worth risking life and property over.

Thanks, Wgoodrich, you always give good answers!

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