copper to copper assembly grease?


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copper to copper assembly grease?

Obviously, two possible answers to the question of using anti-oxidants for various copper wire clamp assemblies.

Was wondering if there is a consensus on using No Ox ID, or Noalox or any other type of greasy substance during assembly of split bolts, acorn clamps, and terminal lugs and the like. Especially if buried or exposed overhead usage. TIA.
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I've never used noalox on copper.
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I've never heard of a non-oxidation method used on copper connections. My understanding is as long as the connection is physically secure, first, oxidation won't occur at the current-carrying portion of the connection since it's tight enough to prevent air from oxidizing the copper. Also, the potentially really thin film of copper oxide won't add much resistivity at all. So there's really no need even if exposed to the elements.

Connections that go bad are ones that weren't tightened to spec to begin with. As they loosened up over time, more wire surface is exposed to the air, more oxidation occurs, more heating occurs, and it keeps getting worse.

Same issue with aluminum. But since aluminum expands/contracts more than copper, we see issues more often. While we always recommend Noalox on aluminum terminations here, there's a bunch of discussion amongst electricians whether it's actually required and/or useful. NEC doesn't require using it, though some (not all) manufacturers do.

From what I read, POCOs in general don't use it on their aluminum terminations.
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is one.


is another copper to copper grease.
I'm sure they all claim to be necessary, trying here to get some direct field input

My Burndy split bolt card indicates the use of anti-oxidation grease on copper conductors....

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There are several different greases that can be used on copper. Apparently it's only recommended where copper can get oxidized and from what I was specifically states near salt water.
Kopr-shield pdf.

I was also reading information where noalox is no longer required on most aluminum connections as the current wiring is no longer pure aluminum. It has different metals in it to keep it from oxidizing.
Some interesting reading
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I asked my local POCO construction lead contact. In a substation, the larger current carrying conductors are getting assembly grease, but the "small stuff", 4AWG and smaller, do not. Large crimps come pregreased from vendor.

fyi, I just replaced my house ground rod. It had rotted to be only 18" long! And, when I moved in, the nearest POCO pole had no ground rod. I'm finding myself doing a lot of ground conductor work lately; and just finished the boat house lightning rod system, using about 1AWG down conductors, thus my interest in grease for copper. Some of these conductors are terminating just a few feet above nominal sea water height.
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