ceiling fan without existing fixture


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Currently, our bedroom has one switch that feeds the bottom half of all duplex receptacles in the room. That is the only lighting source. Would like to install ceiling fan with light using same switch, but keep outlets wired to it also. Would like switch to feed light in fan, but would like fan to be fed all the time, to be only controlled by pull chain.
I understand having to reinforce for the support of the fixture, just not sure of the wiring to get all that I want
(picky, huh?). Thanks for any help you can offer.
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I have some questions then I can tell you how to wire it.

1. Do you want to convert the current plug to both halves in an always on state and the switch only to control the light in the ceiling only.

2. At the current switch box, look inside, tell me how many wire cables are entering this box, each cable should have a black/white/bare wire. What are the colors of the wires actually connected to the switch ?

3. At the current outlet plug box, look inside, how many wire cables are entering that box, each cable again will likely have a black/white/bare wire. If a red wire exists anywhere , let me know.

4. There is no 2nd switch controlling the bottom half of the existing outlet, only 1 switch controls it know.

Once I have that info I can tell you how to wire it.
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Gary Tait
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Do you have attic access?

Here's what. You find the end of line recepticle, it will
be easier to connect to. If not the end-of line, another
that is available in the attic will do just as well.

For the box, you need a special ceiling fan box (it
has expansion grips that grip into the ceiling joists).

Cut a hole into the ceiling for it, with the hole centered
between the studs.

You will now have to run some 14/3 (or 12/3, if that's
what you already have), from one of the boxes to the new
fan box. Connect the wires in the outlen box to the same colors. If there already 2 cables in that box, you will have
to pigtail them (pigtail them anyways). In the ceiling box,
connect the wiring according to the fan instructions for
separate fan/light.
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I just reread your orginal message , and you mention that the switch controls the bottom half of ALL outlets in that room.

Do you want all outlets to be converted to an always on state ? How many outlet plugs are affected ?
This means that an switched and unswitched source of power must be at every plug, meaning likely a black/red/white/bare cable is running between them. Please check all the outlet plugs in that bedroom and tell me # of cables and if the cables are black/white/bare or black/red/white/bare.

This will give me a better understanding on how your current wiring configuration is and be able to tell you how to wire yoru ceiling fixture for the light/fan combo.
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Hopefully I remember to answer all questions. Yes, I have overhead access. Mounting the fan & running wire will not be a problem. There is one switch and three outlets in the room. The bottom half of all three outlets are currently controlled by the switch and I would like to keep it that way.At the switch there are 2 cables in the box.One is black/white/ground one is black/white/red/ground. The 2 white wires are nutted together.The 2 black wires are nutted together along with a pigtail to one side of the switch.The single red wire is hooked to the other side of the switch. Naturally the 2 grounds are nutted together along with a pigtail to the ground screw on the switch.The circuit goes clockwise around the room with 2 black/white/red/ground cables at the first two outlets and only one black/ white/red/ground at the outlet at the end of the line.
Thanks again!
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Since you want to keep it the way it is, the red wire being your switched hot, black being the always on hot, white serving as neutral for both. Just run a new cable (black/red/white/bare) to the new ceiling fixture from any outlet although it might be less cluttered at the outlet box to tap into the last outlet on the run, pigtail the new cable with the existing cable, red to red and one brass color screw of existing plug, black to black and the other brass screw of existing plug. white to white and silver color screw of exitsing plug. Keep the same color going to the same screw of existing plug. bares together and grounded to box and grounding screw of plug.

At the ceiling the white serves as a neutral for both fan and lights. red to light hot, black to fan hot. bare grounded to box and if the fixture has a green wire or grounding screw, connect/ground it also. This will make the lights switched , the fan in an always on state (controlled by pull strings)

This is basicly as Gary Tait mentioned in his post.
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Thanks to you both for your help!!!
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I have almost the exact situation except I am in conduit and the black wire is yellow instead. Not sure why, but I am asuming the yellow the same as black (Always hot). I can check this prior to any changes.

However, I need some clarification. I would like the light and fan to be controlled by the switch, but also can be overridden with the two different pull switches on the fan. Will the previous wiring suggestion still apply. Thanks,

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The pull chains switches on the fixture are in series with the wall switch. So both the wall switch and the appropriate pull chain switch must be on for the fan or light to be on -- either one can therefore override the other.

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