new bathroom circuit breaker keeps popping


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I hope that someone can help. We are currently remodeling the basement and have included a bathroom. We put the bathroom on its own new circuit. We were told to bring in the line from the box to the GFCI outlet, connect two out lines to the two switches from the outlet, and then connect the lights and fan to the switches. We just installed the lights over the vanity and when connected with the light switch off, the light would be on. When we went to turn the switch to the on position, it would pop the breaker. Now it just continues to pop the breaker whenever we try to work with it. We can't even turn the breaker on now. Everything is grounded. The only thing that isn't grounded may be the light. We connected the ground wires together, but they are not grounded to anything. Could that be the problem? I have also replaced the switches and the outlet with no luck. We have moved around white and black wires with no luck. Any help out there?

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You have clearly created a short, either with a carelessly made connection or with a wiring mistake. If you can post back with more details about what you did, we can almost certainly identify the mistake. Tell us every connection you made, and the wire color you made it with.

One obviously thing to check is that you didn't connect any white wires to either switch.

Post back. We can help.
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Thanks a lot for your reply. I figured out the problem and have fixed it.

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