Phone jack hookup

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I just recently finished the basement, but do not know how to hook up the phone line we put in to my phone jacks. I don't know which color goes to which color. My jack has yellow, green, black, and red. The phone cable has orange, brown, green, and blue. Each line on the phone cable has a wire twisted with it that has white stripes (+/- ??). Thanks.
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Connect blue to red, blue-white to green, orange to yellow, and orange-white to black. Leave the brown, brown-white, green, and green-white wires from your cable unconnected (they are for lines three and four).

This is the "correct" wiring. But your house may be wired incorrectly. If the correct wiring doesn't work, then look at the wiring at some other jack in your house and duplicate it. If you're going to be incorrect, you must be incorrect consistently. The electrons flowing through the wire don't really care what color the insulation is.
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Telephone wiring

Go out and get yourself a telephone line tester -- it will save you a lot of grief. It should have an RJ11 plug on the end of it connected to a box with red and green LEDs. Simply plug it into your telephone jack and read the LEDs for correct wiring. (Can find these in most stores that sell stuff to wire telephones with -- they're cheap and invalueable.)

For new telephone features such as CallerId proper wiring is a must which means that you must pay attention to polarity. Start with your telephone service entrance -- should be a two conductor cable off the pole into your interface box usually on the side of your house. One conductor will have a ridge on it -- this is the 'ring' lead and should have the -48 VDC supplied from your telephone company on it. Remember 'Ridge - Ring - Red' The ring lead should be ultimately connected to the red lead on your RJ11 jacks in your home. The other lead coming in from the pole is the 'Tip' lead and is to be connected to the green lead of your RJ11 jack. That's all you need to connect for dialtone. (In older days when lighted handsets needed external power to light -- ie older trimline phones - , a low voltage transformer was connected accross the yellow and black leads of the RJ11 jack to supply the power for the lights -- most telephones do not need this anymore.)

A basic phone won't really care if the tip and ring are reversed. But there's a lot of new stuff out there in the way of digital phones, computers modems that work with TELCO features etc. that do care so best to get things straight.

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