Doorbell wiring issue trying to install a button

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Doorbell wiring issue trying to install a button

Good afternoon,

Our home has a battery powered wired doorbell installed. The previous owners of our home had a wireless doorbell installed with the button mounted over the wiring outside. I'd like to install a wired button to utilize the doorbell that is built in to the house, however am having trouble figuring out which wire goes to what.

A pic of the doorbell is attached, as is a pic of the wires coming out of the house to hook the button up to.

The wires in the doorbell are black and red, where as the 3 wires coming out of the doorbell hole are red, white, and blue. A voltage indicator shows one or more of these are live. I'm guessing it's one that is going back to a transformer for a hard-wired doorbell.

That said, this doesn't explain why there's a black and red wire coming out of the doorbell, but red/white/blue coming out of the hole. How do I go about hooking up a new button to work with the battery/wired doorbell?

Thank you!

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A battery powered or transformer operated doorbell circuit usually has three separate physical locations: the chime or sound unit, the button, and the power source. Wires may or may not go directly from any one of these locations to any other one of these locations without passing through the third location.

You cany buy a doorbell kit with battery operated sound unit and wireless battery powered button for which no wire tracing, no wire stringing, and no wire re-use are needed.


You can get a long single conductor wire to stretch across the floor between any two of the locations. Connect it to a wire end in question. Disconnect the power. Use a multimeter set to the ohms or continuity function to find oue whiich wire end at aanother location corresponds to the wire end you selected.

Whenever doing ohms or continuity measurements at leaast one of the two places you touch the meter probes to must have everyting else unhooked from it.

Never unhook any electrical wires without first labelng them in a way that you could reconnect them back the way they were originally.

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

I think Iíll just be getting a wireless set up and not mess with figuring whatís what.
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Hi, so you are trying to use a transformer powered chime, correct?
have you located the transformer, usually by the circuit/ fuse box, post some pics of what you find at both locations ie chime location.

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