Generator Question

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Generator Question

I recently purchased a gas/propane portable generator and would like to know what the pros and cons are if I run it on gas or propane. From what I have learned gas is more powerful but propane is safer. If propane is readily available, is it preferred? Comments please....
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If it's ran on propane all the lines and carburetor will stay far cleaner and will be far more likely to start when you need it most.
Gas goes bad if it's not used up in a few months.
Unless you use non ethanol gas in it, it will distroy the lines and carburetor over time.
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Fully agree, propane is far easier on the equipment, btu output vs cost is pretty close.

The only problem is do you keep cylinders of propane around just for the generator vs gas which can be used in lots of applications???
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I don't think propane is any safer than gas, but it is much easier to store and maintain.

Propane won't go bad like gasoline does. Gasoline will only last about 1 and maybe 2 with stabilizer in good storing condition. Carburetor can gum up if the bowl wasn't drained before long term storage. If stored in fuel tank of the generator, it can attract more moisture then gasoline can does because fuel tank has a vent hole.
Non-ethanol gas will reduce possibility of damage, but doesn't eliminate, it just means it will last bit longer without maintenance.

With propane, you don't have to worry about any of above. Propane doesn't even run through carburetor. Propane doesn't have shelf life. It will last as long as the tank doesn't rust out.

The down side is you need external tank and a full grill sized propane tank doesn't last as long as fuel gasoline in generator's fuel tank. (But, then you can get multiple tanks. )

So basically, if you are using your generator only occasionally, propane is the way to go.

If you ever run your generator with gasoline, make sure to drain carburetor or use up all gasoline in the carburetor before storing. Also, fuel tank should be emptied if not going to be used with in a few months.
Generator manual should have instruction on what to do.
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Without a long winded response I'll just say I coverted my gen from gas to propane and it's a whole lot easier to deal with than using gas.

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