14/4 or 2 x 14/2?


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14/4 or 2 x 14/2?

Some controllers like ACs and HVAC require 14/4 wire. I have a whole load of sister 14/2. Can I just tie wrap 2 x 14/2 cables together and color code them?
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Is this just for control wiring? If that is the case I normally use 18/x stat cable. #14 is way overkill.
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Is this for a mini-split AC or AC heatpump? If so you usually need 14/4 (or however many wires that unit requires) Also you usually use stranded wire because you have to crimp on ring or fork terminals which is very difficult if not impossible with solid wire.
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I'm assuming this is for a mini-split or heat pump type system to connect the outside unit to the interior heads.

I wouldn't. Inside the house NM-B would be fine, but you'd have to adapt to UF or similar for outside. NM-B can't be used outside for the jump to the unit.

Other than the outside portion, I don't see any reason that it would be against code. Though it might be against the manufacturer's installation instructions (they may specify to use stranded), which could affect your warranty.
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So for the outside heat pump I'd need 14/4 rated for outside/wet?
it's also for an air exchanger inside.
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I'm surprised by the replies

I'm assuming the question was related to carrying power, such as to a mini-split, and not just control signals. If it is OK to use two 14-2s in place of one 14-4, then wouldn't it be OK to use two 14-2s in place of a 14-3 say for carrying switched and unswitched wires to a receptacle or fixture (common neutral), or for the travelers and neutral in a 3-way switched circuit? In all these cases, you'd be using the non-neutral current carrying conductor in one cable to carry current that will be returned by the neutral current carry conductor in another cable? I would have thought that was prohibited, but, I'm not a pro.
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