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Maybe I can bypass all the brain damage from trying to wrap my head around the plethora of conduits and fittings, and go another route.

If instead of drilling a hole through the wall directly to the left of the main panel, what if I make the hole through the joist and out to the brick?
I would remove the cable staples to get those old wires out of the way to ensure I don't drill into them, and restaple afterwards.

So instead of a hole down where the concrete portion of the wall is with conduit to run up to the inlet box ('X'ed out in pic), I'd have the hole at the inlet box location, so I'd go in through the KO on rear of the box (circled in pic).

So the mounted inlet would look something like this.

If I went this route, could I use 10/3 NM-B without any conduit? I can run 10/3 NM-B out of a 1/2" KO at top of main panel up to the joist area, then across for ~1-1.5ft to the hole. Then through the hole (any conduit required?) and into the 1/2" KO on the rear of the inlet box.

If no conduit is required, then I could bore just a 1/2" hole (instead of a 1" hole for 1/2" conduit). On both the exterior and interior sides of the hole, I could seal around the romex with duct seal. For the KO at the rear of the box, I could use a 1/2" button type non-metallic push-in connector, which will press into the duct seal and prevent water from entering either the box's KO or the hole in the wall. Box would be secured to brick using 1/4" tapcons.

Does this sound like a good plan?

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