Locking RV Power INLET ??


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Locking RV Power INLET ??

We're building a "tiny house on wheels" and are adding a 50A power inlet. We are thinking about mounting this INSIDE of a LOCKING utility area (aka "wall mounted garage"). However, I have noticed that many RECEPITICALS exist with locks however nobody makes an INLET with a lock. This got me thinking...

Is there a reason NOT to lock up an INLET?
What prevents some prankster kid from simply yanking it out?
Wouldn't you want to protect people by preventing it from being pulled out?
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Receptacles can be locked so power can't be stolen.
You can't steal power from an inlet connection.

As far as receptacle theft. If someone wants the receptacle....a lock won't stop them.
I've never heard of an inlet box/receptacle getting stolen.
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Not worried about the inlet itself being stolen. More worried about some kid, in a campground, pulling out the supply cord and having a live 50A circuit in his hand.
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If it's wired correctly that would be impossible.
What's coming out of the tiny house would be a cord with a male connector with no power until it's plugged into the female receptacle, unplug it and there's no power on the cord.
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Yes that is why it is called an "Inlet" the inlet has the male prongs which would not have power until the "outlet" with the female prongs is attached once attached.
There is very little chance of contacting live prongs unless you are actually trying with the outlet not fully inserted or you stick a metal object in the outlet.

I hope you are not making a double ended male cord commonly know as a "Suicide Cord" due to the fact that one end will potentially be energized and can be a real hazard if unplugged and a person or animal, metal object comes into contact with the live end.
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Agreed with Joe, the 'powered' side would be a female connector, similar to having the end of an extension cord. I wouldn't recommend pushing a paperclip into it, but safe as long as it's handled reasonably.

There's nothing to say you can't build a wooden box around the inlet and cord with a locking padlock and hasp. The box will need to be large enough to allow the connector and bend in the cable, but would be pretty easy to build. If you're worried about that of course.
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