kitchen countertop outlet constraints


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kitchen countertop outlet constraints

Hi all and thanks in advance for your input! I'm drawing up a new kitchen for my place, and the main feature is a pretty large window above almost the entire main section of base cabinets (see sketch below). The bottom edge of the window will be pretty close to the top surface of the countertop, so there's not really going to be any room for electrical outlets. I'm thinking of using "pop up" outlets, but I've been unable to find clear guidance on whether or not the building code disallows outlets *in* a kitchen countertop. Any ideas???
Thanks again!

Here's an example of the kind of outlet that I'm looking at: pop-up outlet

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As far as I know pop up receptacles are fine. Receptacles face up in the counter are not acceptable.
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Apparently they are allowed by code.
I would be worried about the drawers hitting them.
They need to be GFI protected.

The link below has some good information. One thing they did mention is to check with your local electrical inspector and make sure it's something they will ok. Code is one thing but the AHU can have a differing opinion.

Pop up requirements
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I would size your window so you at least have room to mount outlets horizontally on the wall. It is a kitchen. Some amount of consideration must be given to functionality even if it means the bottom of your window needs to be an inch or two higher.
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I would agree with PD. Reduce your window size if need be or raise it up if you can. I can picture those pop-up outlets becoming a nuisance after awhile.
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Another option is what we call tombstones. They are permanently raised on the counter tops.
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I'm betting that would be housewife's nightmare.
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Consider using a surface mounted pre-wired raceway with outlets (Legrand/Wiremold) in the space above the counter below the window wired into a GFI outlet in the wall at either (or both) end(s) of the counter. Or if there is enough space above the cabinet doors/drawers mount raceway there below the counter lip.

Pre-wired raceway with outlets

PLug strip below countertop above doors.
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Hi, a multi circuit strip may work, it would cover the 2 SABC requirement for the kitchen, you would need a 2 pole 20 Amp GFCI breaker for the feed, raising the window would also work just keep in mind the thickness of the framing required for the window, boxes would need to mounted under the framing, one other thought is a switch for a disposal, if you have one, or you could possibly use an air switch for control I guess.


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You could also install the Plugmold on the wall. You can also use single circuit Plugmold as long as to have at least two sections that are separate circuits.
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