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2020 nec

Many states are now starting to adopt the 2020 version of the National Electrical Code. A few highlights of the changes that apply to houses are:

230.85 Emergency Disconnects. For one and two-family dwellings units, all service conductors shall terminate in a disconnecting means having a short-circuit current rating equal to or greater than the available fault current, installed in a readily accessible outdoor location. If more than one disconnect is provided, they shall be grouped.

230.67 Surge Protection.

(A) Surge-Protective Device. All services supplying dwelling units shall be provided with a surge-protective device (SPD).

(B) Location. The SPD shall be an integral part of the service equipment or shall be located immediately adjacent thereto.

Exception: The SPD shall not be required to be located in the service equipment as required in (B) if located at each next level distribution equipment downstream toward the load.

(C) Type. The SPD shall be a Type 1 or Type 2 SPD.

(D) Replacement. Where service equipment is replaced, all of the requirements of this section shall apply.

GFCI protection Dwelling units 210.8(A): (Locations may vary for non-dwelling units)
All 120-volt through 250-volt receptacles supplied by single-phase branch circuits 150 volts or less to ground, installed in the following locations shall have GFCI protection for personnel:

(1) Bathrooms
(2) Garages or accessory buildings
(3) Outdoors
(4) Crawl spaces at or below grade
(5) Basements
(6) Kitchen countertop surfaces
(7) Within 6' of a sink
(8) Boathouses
(9) Within 6' of a shower or tub
(10) Laundry areas
(11) Indoor damp or wet locations

Be sure to check your location to determine what version of the NEC is enforced in your location.

If you feel something should be added here please send me a PM.

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