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Project to rerun ground wire for cable and DSL boxes to house ground

Project to rerun ground wire for cable and DSL boxes to house ground

Old 11-23-20, 01:04 PM
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Project to rerun ground wire for cable and DSL boxes to house ground

Hello all,

Last year, I asked for some advice on grounding our cable and DSL boxes to the house ground wire. Some of you suggested using an intersystem bonding connector but back then I opted for a temporary repair.

Iím now wanting to make a more permanent and better looking setup and was hoping for some more advice. My main goals is to make it look nice, and protect the ground wires which are now just loosely dropped to the ground.

My general plan is to mount a short section of pvc conduit to the brick, run both ground wires through it, and connect an IBC to the ground wire just above where it runs underground. The builder put an IBC over by the meter, but that is too far away from the service boxes.

What I think I will need is conduit cut to size, one or two brackets, and tapcon screws to drill in the brick. I donít have a hammer drill, but I do have masonry drill bits that I was hoping would be enough for this one project. I will just move the IBC from where it is doing nothing to the bottom of the conduit. It will probably have to be

I may also dress the ground wires above the conduit with the little staples that go in the mortar.
I am not experienced with any of this, so please let me know if I am missing something big or taking the wrong approach.

Here are pictures of the ground wires and house ground wire, and the setup Iím planning.



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Old 11-24-20, 09:57 AM
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That's an acceptable setup. Though you may need a second IBT, as I believe the NEC requires it to be adjacent to the meter or main panel. Removing the existing one is technically incorrect.

What I would do though, is get 15' or so of black THWN wire, start from the IBT in its current location, run it along the top of that brick bump-out (I'm sure it has an architectural term), and then through the ground location on the CATV box, then to the Telephone box. A few cable clamps will hold it in place. As long as it's not bright green insulation, it'll blend in.

As a side-note, I really don't like the way they did the ground wire conduit from one ground bar to the next. While it's protected running across the house, the unprotected section is in a perfect location to be continually beaten up by a weed trimmer. I'd rather bury that wire a few inches below the ground, or at least keep an eye on it.
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Hi, what is that larger square box, and what is in that conduit? can you squeeze another wire in that conduit with IBC on it , I would bury the ground wire between the boxes and stub a short piece of PVC with and IBC on top and make the other terminations there.
Geo 🇺🇸
Old 11-28-20, 08:34 PM
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Zorfdt, thanks. I'm not savvy enough to rerun the main ground myself. If it's against code to remove the existing IBC i'll leave it, but it's not doing anything where it is. My state is LA if it matters for code. You suggested running the two grounds over to the existing IBC. The wires are not long enough - can I splice a ground wire? I don't have access to the panels to land new ones.

Geochurchi, thanks. I have two boxes on the right, one for cable, one for DSL. The large box on the left is the main power box and meter. The two vertical conduits are the signal lines, and the horizontal conduit is the main ground connection to a second ground rod. Since the horizontal conduit is ground, i was going to try and just connect it there. Is there an advantage to running another wire?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the advice

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