Splicing Romex Outside a box

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Splicing Romex Outside a box

I am installing some new under cabinet lighting. The new lights are LED and very compact. The current light is a fluorescent and hardwired via a 6-8" piece of romex out of the wall and straight into the fixture. The new light has no room or means of wiring INSIDE the fixture as it is simply too small. So... I need to hardwire the Romex to the light pigtail (Three prongs triangular fixture plug) but that splice must occur outside of the wall so that it can be tucked up between the light and wall. I know there are some legal means of doing this, but I want to get more options in case there is something I can do with parts I have on hand.

OPTION 1: https://www.grainger.com/product/6HK...P7A1P:20501231

The only other real option I see is to just wire up a standard 110 female plug to the end of the romex hanging out of the wall....but even that is going to be a tough thing to hide...and its probably not legal....and its going to be ugly.
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Shallow Outlet Box.

I've used a shallow outlet box for some similar problems. They are 1.25 inches deep with straps to nail to a stud. I cut those off, screw the box to the bottom of the cabinet, connect the wires, and then install a blank cover plate on the box. You obviously cut off the male plug from the light strip and wire nut the bare wires to the Romex. They are the standard bright blue color, but they can be painted. Another option that I've done, and that looks much better if the wiring allows it, is to put this shallow box inside the cabinet. I've been able to drill a hole in the back of the cabinet through the dry wall, and fish the Romex from where it comes out under the cabinet up through that hole into the cabinet. If you can do that, you can install a standard outlet in the cabinet and keep the male plug on the light strip, provided you drill a large hole in the bottom of the cabinet so the plug can get to the outlet. Or cut the plug off and splice the wires directly to the Romex.
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I've always wired mine with a receptacle in the cabinet (either surface mount or recessed into the wall/back of cabinet) and plugged in the under cabinet lights. Or in a similar location, a handy box (small 1-gang box) with the wires connected in the box - still in the back of a cabinet.

I agree, trying to do a connection under the cabinet usually turns out to be messy at best.

Lastly, are you sure the LED lights take 120v and there isn't an external transformer? The ones I've installed have an external transformer/driver... but it's been a bit - so maybe they are all integral now.
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I believe the electrical code for homes in any jurisdiction requires a 120/240 vac splice to be in covered electrical box.
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I use low voltage under cabinet lights for this reason.
I put switched receptacle in the cabinet and plug power supplies here.

If your LED light does not have room for splicing, it probably is not intended for hard wiring. Do you have picture of light you are trying to install?
Since you mentioned 3 prong, I assume you have clover shaped 3 prong connection. Most are intended for plug in use only.
Some LED light manufacturers have special low profile junction box to use with their lights. Or you could probably use wiremold shallow box for your splicing.
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Mount a shallow Wiremold box under the cabinet to enclose the splice. Add a blank cover.

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