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I wish to replace 1969 kitchen original 15amp style duplex receptacle with a GFI duplex. Original duplex receptacles are split. Each half has its own pair of wires (hot +neutral). BOTH are connected to the same 20 amp circuit breaker. This breaker is also connected to other kitchen outlet and disposal.

The existing duplex receptacle is in a metal box cut in ceramic tile wall. I do not wish to use double wire box if at all possible.

The GFI duplex receptacle has two input terminals and two output LOAD terminals. It doesn't seem correct for this replacement. Is there anyway of approved wiring using this GFI? Or are there GFI devices that fit in single box and accomodate split circuits?

Or... must I replace the breaker with a GFI breaker?
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The easiest way (for you) would be to install 2 GFI outlets in-line with each wire pair going to the kitchen outlet. You could do this near the breaker panel or anywhere these wires are most accessible. You would basically be cutting the wire pair and installing a new outlet box with the GFI "line" wires going to the breaker and the "load" wires continuing on to the original kitchen outlet. Do this for both wire pairs going to the kitchen outlet and you will now have both receptacles each protected by its own GFI.
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Wink Good Idea but maybe will try GFI breaker at panel

Thanks, I understand your suggestion. That will work, but I think I will install a GFI breaker in the distribution panel to cover all the circuits loaded on the 20 amp breaker. Cost of GFI breaker will be a consideration
Thanks again

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