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I hope I'm in the right spot. I'm trying to install a illuminated rocker switch into my cars audio system. I want to install it onto the accessory wire. You know the blue wire that runs from the CD player to the amplifier. I believe that wire carries a 12V charge. My problem is I'm not sure how to put in the switch. There are three inlets on the switch "supply volts", "on ACC.", and "ground" The switch is rated at 12V 20Amps. So can I just cut the accessory wire and connect the one side from the CD player to the "supply volts" inlet and connect the other wire going to the amplifier to the "on ACC." inlet? Or do I need an outside power source for the switch to light up? Thank you for you help I really need it.
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Gary Tait
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The outside terminal opposite the ground connects to the lamp, so if you wish the light to stay on as long as there is power to it, connect your power to that terminal (the
blue wire), and what you want to control connected to the center terminal. If you want the light on only when the switch is on (as long as there is power to it), connect
power to the middle terminal, and the load to the one
opposite the ground terminal. The lamp gets it's power
from whatever is connected to the ACC terminal, and it's
draw is negligible.

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