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As of tomorrow i am installing a ceiling fan with a wall
switch.I will have to drop down a wire in the wall and
make my home run from an outlet receptacle.I need to
know the wiring diagram of how to wire the ceiling fan
and the wall switch(on and off)and the wire coming from
the outlet receptacle.Also I am planning on doing
this in 3 seperate rooms,can I run all 3 ceiling fans from
my 1 drop?Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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You've asked for some very basic help. There is more to electrical work than making wiring connections. I suggest you go to Home Depot or your local public library and get a book or two on home wiring.

Here's some of the things you need to look for:
- You need to know the size of the circuit breaker protecting the circuit you are tapping into. This will allow you to determine the size of the cable to buy. You probably have a 15-amp breaker and should buy 14-gauge wire -- but you need to check.
- You need to decide whether it is easier to run power to the switch first, or to the ceiling first. This will determine how you wire it up.
- Yes you can run three fans on one circuit, but only if the circuit has excess capacity. If it doesn't have excess capacity, you can't even successfully add one fan. Hanging ceiling fans typically consume very low power -- most of the power is consumed by the light kit.
- You need to decide if you want a separate switch for the light, if your fan has one. If so, you'll need to buy 14/3 wire rather than 14/2 wire.
- If you're adding multiple fans, you'll need to get unswitched power either to all three fans or to all three switches.
- Learn how to strip wire, how much to strip, how to strip sheathing, how to connect a wire to a screw, how to connect wires together with wire nuts, and what size wire nuts to use in different situations. Learn what kind of electrical box to buy, what size, and how to safely mount it.
- Don't make any connections outside of an electrical box.

The basic idea is that the switch interrupts the black (hot) wire providing power to the fan. The white (neutral) wire runs uninterrupted all the way back to the circuit breaker panel.

Go read a book or two. Then read the directions that came with your fan. Then come back and ask more specific questions.

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