hooking up a submersible 220v pump


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Hi to All,

I am trying to connect a 220v submersible pump so that I can use it with a generator.

There are 4 wires coming from the pump. The pump also has a switch box with it. I purchased a 30/50 pressure switch, (I think it supports 220v, but it looks identical to the one for 120v) that I've connected to my tank.

Someone please help.
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The 4 wires coming from your pump motor must go through that control box then there are two screws in that control box that requires a 12 ga wire from each of those two screws to the load side of your pressure switch's two screws. The your power source would connect to the two line side screws of that pressure switch from your power source.

Don't forget a 240 volt overcurrent device whether plugged into the generator having a built in fuse or installing a hard wire connection from that generator through a 2 circuit panel with a 240 volt breaker of fuse set in that box. Also don't forget to install a ground rod for that generator.

Hope this helps

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This is a big help. Thanks.

One more question: Should I have told the help at the store to give a 220v pressure switch or the one that I have will work?
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As long as there is two line screws and two load screws on your pressure switch, your pressure switch should be just fine.

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thanks again I will attempt this today

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