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My bedroom was prewired for a ceiling fan with 2 wall switches and a 4 strand wire to the ceiling (white, black, red, ground). When I test the voltage at the ceiling, there is 0 with the switches off. When one switch is on, I get 110 across black-white and also 30 across red-white. I get opposite readings when the switches are off-on the other way. Also, at the switches, I get 60 across either switch when off. My builder's electrican says there is nothing wrong, but I believe there is a problem and am afraid to connect the fan. Please give me your opinion.
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Are you using a digital meter? I suggest you connect 2 lamp sockets to the wires at the ceiling box, one black-to white and the other red-to white and check the switches for independent operation of the lamps-good luck.
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I believe that the electrician is correct. Most of the time when you measure voltages significantly less than 120, you're getting false readings from induced voltage.

I don't know what you mean when you say that you get 60 volts "across either switch", but it is impossible to get a true voltage reading across a switch (except in very unusual circumstances).
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I tied in two light sockets and they behaved properly. I am using a 25 year old analog multi-meter. It seems to work everywhere else. Maybe it is induced voltage. When I measured across the switch and got the 60 volts, I expected to get no voltage because the downstream side of the switches were only open circuits. On another fan installation, I got the expect 110 across the switches with the fan and light installed.

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