Quality issues with Leviton confirmed

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Quality issues with Leviton confirmed

I did my research before choosing a brand of outlets and professionals were hating on Leviton, but then I saw a long list of recent Legrand recalls and I decided to try Leviton tamper resistant outlets. The difficulty inserting and removing plugs from the GFCI outlets is kind of acceptable. I decided not to remove it, return it, and try another brand. But the non-GFCI duplex and single outlets are crazy hard to side wire with a hooked wire and unacceptably hard to insert and remove plugs from. I'm removing the one I installed and returning it along with the other 11 outlets. I'll order Legrand outlets.

The Levitons were even spec grade, or "preferred." I don't get all the positive reviews on Amazon. Maybe the positive reviewers aren't using polarized plugs. I don't know why they can't make them as good as the GFCI ones, even though those aren't great either. How can they even be UL listed? Isn't there ANY usability standard for UL listing? I don't see how the outlets could last with all the resistance I felt.
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UL listing/testing is only for safety. They do not test for reliability, ease of installation, or general function, other than how it applies to the safety of the product, as there are too many variables pertaining to usability.
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Not really sure where the problem is.
Side screws have been like that since the first receptacle was invented.
Connecting to them is something that comes with practice.
As an electrician it comes as second nature.

I gauge the quality of a receptacle on how tight the plug fits.
The tighter the better.
Haven't seen any additional issues with polarized plugs.

I do agree on the difficulty in getting a plug into a tamper resistant receptacle.
It's critical that the plug be put in straight.
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It's so not smooth though. Is this what I can expect from any brand of tamper resistant outlet:

dinette: https://vimeo.com/540795924
kitchen: https://vimeo.com/540799511
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Some tamper resistant receptacles work better than others. Hubbell is a good one.

I only use receptacles that can be back wired, since that is much easier than making loops. At least for me.
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All of my house outlets are Leviton Decora. I've never had a problem with them although I don't like the tamper resistant feature. I think the screw terminal is designed with deliberate tight clearances as a safety measure.
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“Hard to remove plugs from”

plug retention forces are a good metric.
I put around 40 Leviton decoras in my home a year ago. No complaints from the occupants.

I did have issues with false AFCI trips on Leviton breakers. Especially with my microwave. But, to their credit, they worked with me on resolution. Even to the point of them buying my microwave model and studying its current waveforms.

”smoothness”. TR recepts now have a number of moving parts; welcome to the new era of safety. Many folks complained of the hassles of seat belts and safety glasses. I put recepts in the same category.

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