Another Dryer Circuit Question


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I have a similar situation as davidz, a 240v 30a dryer circuit that I want to divide into 2-120v 15amp circuits. I have a red/white/black/ground cable. Is there a way I can replace the 30 amp breaker in the main panel with 2-15amp breakers, use the existing red/white/black/ground cable from the main panel to the plug, put a plastic junction box where the plug was with existing cable in and two romex 2/12 wires leaving to the two new circuits?
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Yes to everything.
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Thanks for the reply. One more question. Can I pigtail in the panel and the junction box for common neutral and ground connetions for the 2 new circuits using the white wire and ground wire from my existing wire?
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What are you planning to pigtail in the panel?
The white goes to the neutral bus bar and the (bare) ground goes to the ground bus. Don't connect them to each other anywhere. This is how it should have been connected when this was a dryer circuit. If it's not, make it so.

Is there going to be an outlet in this junction box? If not, pigtail your existing wire black to one of the new circuit wire black, the other new circuit black to the red, all three whites together, and all three grounds together.

If there is to be an outlet, include a 6 inch black in either the black/black pigtail or the black/red pigtail, and a 6 inch white in the white pigtail. These will go to the new outlet.
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10-4 thank you...

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