Proper switches and outlets for a 20 amp ciruit


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I wish to run a 20 amp circuit to a bathroom. The most common switches and outlets I've seen in stores have 15A imprinted on them. Can these be used, or do I need hardware specific for a 20 amp circuit? Thanks in advance.
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This is a very frequently asked question.

The answer is that code does allow you to use the 15-amp receptacles and switches on a 20-amp circuit. There is only one tiny exceptions which requires a 20-amp receptacle if that is the only receptacle on the whole circuit (and duplex receptacles count as two).

Some have said that a quality 15-amp receptacle and a 20-amp receptacle are manufactured to the same specifications anyway, and the only difference is the shape of the slots in the faceplate. If this is true, then a 20-amp receptacle isn't even any better than a 15-amp receptacle.

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