dryer and water heater wiring


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In my utility shed I have a 40 gallon hot water heater that has 10-2 wiring running thru a 30 amp fuse box. I also have an electric dryer that has a seperate circuit running off the main. It is 240 but I dont know what size wire it is. Can I run the water heater off the same cicuit the dryer is running on? What size wire and circuit breakers do I need for these two item? Any help would be appreciated. ..email.... [email protected]
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You cannot install a water heater and a clothes dryer on the same circuit and be code compliant. Most residential electric water heaters need a 30 amp 240 volt circuit (10/2 w/gnd is fine).

Most residential clothes dryers also need a 30 amp 240 volt circuit, but a new dryer needs a 10/3 w/gnd (or 4 wire) circuit.

If this is in a utility shed, does this mean that the shed is detached from the main house? This would open up a whole different can of worms. In general, 30 amp circuits and 10 gauge wire for both units. 3 wire is ok for the water heater, 4 wire needed for the dryer. Post back if you have any further questions.

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still confused

thank you very much for your reply. the shed is actually a carport attached to the house and fully enclosed with full walls. could I install a sub-panel with breakers for the seperate circuits. 2 30 amp circuits, one for the water heater and one for the dryer, plus a couple of 20 amp circuits for my window air conditioner, lighting and outlets? what size cooper wire would I need to run to the sub-panel? how many amp would the main breaker need to be? thanks again for your help........michael
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funny noises

I live in a mobile home and everytime I pull the chain on my ceiling fan in the bedroom to increase or decrease its speed I hear a loud noise through my stereo speakers in the living room. any suggestions has to whats going on and how to eliminate this?
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I would apply a demand-factor of 100% to the Dryer& WH & AC load which would be approx. a 50 amp feeder current.I advise a #4 feeder cable on a 100amp CB. What is the rating of the Main CB at the service and the # of breakers the service panel is sized for? Any spare spaces?
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thanks switchman

#4 wire to 100 amp box, sounds good. then I need 2 seperate 50 amp breakers, one for the dryer and one for the water heater, with maybe 10 ga wire? I haven't crawled under the trailer far enough to see what amp service is there but it is a huge panel and lots of extra space for more breakers. thanks so much for your reply.....Michael

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