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how many outlets are generally a maximum for a circuit and how many lightfixtures are generally a maximum per circuit ?
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If this is in your home, then there is no limit to the number of general use receptacles and lighting fixtures that can be installed on one circuit. The determining factor is the square footage. A 15 amp circuit (120 volt) has 1800va of power available (15 x 120 = 1800). A residence is allowed 3va per square foot, so a maximum of 600 square feet of finished space can be supplied by a 15 amp circuit.

In general, the following items must be specifically accounted for in terms of load: appliances, motors, electic heating, and recessed lighting fixtures. Everything else is based on square footage.

I would recommend that you do not 'max out' your circuits. This will only cause you problems later on. Post some specific information, and we can give you more advice.

Enjoy your day!
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I have built an addition onto my house which consist of a two car garage 30' x 36' below and 3 bedrooms a den and a bathroom upstairs above . Each bedroom has approxamately 7 to 8 outlets here they generally like an outlet within every 6 foot in the garage I want to hang 4 -12" x 8' flourescent lights 2 lights in the stairway three closets with lights a light in each bedroom (3) a light in the hallway a fan light comb. in the6'-6" X 12' bathroom a whirlpool tub in bathroom 110 volt 6 outlets off a gfi in and out of the garage and a gfi outlet in the bathroom 1-12' x16' bedroom 1- 12' x 12' bedroom 1 - 10' x 12' bedroom 1 - 16'x 20' den area 1-6' x 6' hallway with 2 outlets
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Who is the "they" that "generally like an outlet every 6 foot in the garage"? This is not required by code (so the "they" can't be the building department), but perhaps the "they" is "you"??

Figuring how much to put on a circuit is as simple as adding up the wattage of everything you plan to run on that circuit. Wattage of lighting is normally very easy to come by. If you have a receptacle that you don't know what you plan to plug into it, it is common (but not required) to assume that about 180 watts will be used by each outlet.

As s1nuber has pointed out, the code requires a certain maximum spacing of outlets, and a certain amount of power to be available per square foot, but it doesn't really care how you allocate the circuits used for general lighting.

Bathroom and kitchen circuits have special requirements and don't follow the above rules.

I didn't see any more questions in your last post, but I hope you now have enough information to do the calculations. If not, ask more questions.
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Whirlpool tub needs it's own 20 amp circuit (I am assuming largest size possible - check the nameplate).

Bathroom gfi needs it's own 20 amp circuit.

I would run the garage (only one outlet is needed by code) in one 20 amp circuit (lights, garage outlet, outside outlet). If the garage is going to do 'shop' duty, then figure out how many machines and pieces of equipment will be installed by watts, volts and amps for each unit. We can adjust accordingly when the info is available.

The rest can legally be split into 2 15 amp circuits. This would push it towards the limit, however, so I would recommend three 15 amp circuits, and split the floor area fairly evenly (large bed, bed 2 & hall, bed 3 & bath lights or some such configuration).

Keep in mind that code requires only 2 20 amp circuits and 2 15 amp circuits. I would recommend 3 15 amp and 3 20 amp. The choice is yours depending on budget, use of circuits, and what you want.

Enjoy your day!

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