Wiring 2 special switches to 1 circuit?


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I'd like to have a motion sensor switch to turn lights on and off but after that wire a dimmer switch to dim those lights on the sensor. Is there anything wrong with this idea?

Beyond this I might want some of the lights on the motion sensor not to be dimmable. Is there anything wrong with that idea?

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Gary Tait
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I see nothing wrong with doing that.
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so you want a motion sensing dimming switch? dont think they exsist. Nor do I beleive you can have the dimmer dim after the motion has turned on, you can istall a 3-way dimmer and control lights with either or, but not both at same time. (could be wrong) You could always invent the first dimmable motion switch, would be nice to not fumble for a light in the dark, and then not have it blind you when it comes on.

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dimmer switch in series with the motion detect trigger output.

I am not sure if the motion detector will work properly if you are powering it at reduced voltage, which means you must dim it after the motion detect circuitry and at the actual wire power feed to the light socket itself but not before the motion detect circuitry. This may be a problem if the motion detector and light socket is in the same enclosure.

If the motion senser is a separate unit from the lights , then take the output power from the motion detector and run it thru a dimmer.
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Im pretty sure they make a motion detector that is dim till you set it off then it goes to full brightness for the time it is set to then back to dim.Seems like this would do the job for you.

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