Foreign Purchased Wine Fridge


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I have a wine cabinet frige that I bought while I was overseas. It runs off 230V, 122W, 50hz power. I was wondering what I should / can do to use this in the US?
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It's rated frequency is 10 cycles less than the U.S standard which means the compressor motor operates at less RPM'S. The motor current may be less if your service voltage is less than 230V. If the wattage rating is 122W the unit will draw only a 1/2 amp. at 230.Apparantly the power rating is equal to a 120 watt lamp. Good Luck.
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Gary Tait
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Get a refrigerator tech to replace the compressor with a
120V/60 Hz one. You might not have much luck getting
the stock compressor to work well on 60 Hz (the 230V isn't
a problem, just use a transformer or wire in a 230V outlet).
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It should be no problem running the 50 hz compressor on 60 hz system. It will just run faster. This was discussed on another forum in recent days. Take a look at:
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The purpose of the stator winding in an A.C. induction motor is to create a rotating magnetic field. The rotating magnetic field measured in rpm's is the synchronous speed. For a 2-pole motor the synchronous speed is 60 cycles X 60 seconds = 3600 rpm.For a 4-pole motor the synchronous speed is 1800 rpm's.The rpm's of the rotor in approx. 96% of the synchronous speed. For a 4-pole motor this would be 1725 rpm's.The rotor speed will indicate the # of poles in the rotor winding.

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